DOKK1, rated the worlds best library in 2016, are striving to always improve touch points with their users and accessibility of its offerings, which range from interesting digital installations, to study rooms and, of course, books.

The library hosts over 1500 events every year, but our research discovered it has the problem of effectively communicating these to new people, as currently many of the events are advertised through their website, which does not have high enough traffic, or through Facebook events which are only visible to those closet to the event organisers.


Akvitetshuset, a digital installation to be positioned near the entrance of DOKK1, is designed with the goal of spreading event awareness and helping users discover information about events that are relevant to them.

Information about the events is pulled from DOKK1’s website or Facebook and portrayed through a eye-catching user interface, designed to give the user a sense of exploration while still being accessible to all target audiences. An extension of their existing Instagram strategy of displaying users posts throughout the building, shows real-time pictures of peoples experiences at those events. Simple text-message reminders extend the customer journey to help them to remember to attend. The installation stands as a symbol of what DOKK1 is all about: Furthering cultural aspects and gathering communities under one roof.